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About the Company

Ruth Johnson, our company secretary and office manager, works weekday mornings answering the phones and taking bookings. Calls are answered by Pip or Ian in the afternoon whilst Richard or Mike, our designated night drivers, take over from early evening to late at night.

This provides a near 24 hour service. Should you be unable to speak to a person, facilities are available to leave a message, which we will endeavour to respond to in reasonable time. Bookings and queries can also be taken by email at

About the Drivers

We employ semi-retired professional gentlemen from all walks of life and pride ourselves in their service and helpfulness. We are continuing to expand including an additional lady driver and vehicle, but still maintaining the high standard of which we are proud.

Ruth at her desk in the office


You meet the drivers, but not the back room staff that keep the firm going. With many thanks to Ruth and Jilly.

They will do their best to help you.